You have a local business - We'll make it Global!
You have a niche - We'll bring it to Market!
You have an idea - We'll make it Go Viral!
You are stuck in yesterday - We'll show you the New Normal!

AccentMarkets provides a full suite of services to help you launch your business. From collaboration tools, to best practices, legal support, branding, marketing and coaching - we take you through a proven methodology that enables you to enter the market in 45 days or less.

Our Services

We provide you with a network of operators to support your business in terms of manufacturing, marketing and entering new markets.We can manage operations for you or source the ideal team to support you with our global network.


Helping leaders implement change and transition their teams into virtual environment.


We provide virtual assistance for your financial, publishing and content needs.


Our expertise is to support your eCommerce through virtual / immediate payments for your products.


Branding, design and online publishing: we work with you to set up a commercialization plan in the first 2 weeks and translate the plan to a published website. Collectively, we bring 20 years of online publishing experience to support your website getting to customers. accentmarkets


The basic tools of setting up your office include: smart phone, personal computing, connectivity and ergonomic facilitation.


After your home office is optimized, we create an application processing interface to ensure that you receive consolidated data that is relevant, efficient, sustainable and timely – to support your business.


Our goal is to leverage existing supporting application technology whenever possible to move your product to market; however, we do provide custom apps for clients upon request/ need.




Meeting with people virtually is something that we all do while there are tools that we provide to help you maximize meeting technology to the benefit of you and your customers.


Our team has worked virtually for an average of 20 years per employee. We have created a comprehensive toolkit that enables you to do any task that you need from home.
Your behind the scenes business partner empowering your venture

Liis Kupits is the COO

of AccentMarkets; she built her career as an entrepreneur starting in Estonia. From a young age, she knew that she loved agility & community. After spending time in London in a corporate job, she realized her dream of working as a business partner to CEOs by supporting them virtually, she also helped build a sustainable community in Spain. She splits her time - now - between Spain & Estonia, managing the operations, collaboration, virtual networks and efficacy of AccentMarkets daily growth.

Valmer Luks is the CMO

of AccentMarkets and he is a Renaissance man. As a record producer, professional musician and artist- Luks brings the Medici Effect to our clients- an intersection of thought, pragmatism and expression. He specializes in helping clients artistically translate their core offering into principled marketing & sales’ solutions. Luks is a drone pilot, artist, web designer and expert technician. He ensures that our clients are supported as they enter new markets, expand social networks, identify sales’ leads and close contracts through eCommerce.
Malaga Spain
Oxford United Kingdom
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